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Welcome to the Dallas Chapter, IEEE/EMC Society, web site.  Our chapter membership consists of EMC Engineers and Technicians, local sales representatives for manufacturers of EMC-related products, and other persons who have an interest in ElectroMagnetic Compatibility.  Our goal is to expand our knowledge of the control of ElectroMagnetic Interference by sharing our experiences and learning more about EMC from acknowledged experts in this exciting field.

Our meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of each month except we generally break for summer during June, July and August.  Occasionally, the meeting time may be changed to accommodate the busy schedule of a guest speaker.

For your convenience, on all pages of this web site, the IEEE, Dallas IEEE Section, and the EMC Society logos are active links to those organizations.  This was done to facilitate access to the IEEE home page, to other IEEE society chapters in the Dallas area, to the Dallas IEEE Section, and to other chapters in the EMC Society.

While IEEE membership is not a requirement for attending our meetings, their are many benefits when you become a member of IEEE and we encourage you to do so to take advantage of those benefits.  Please visit the IEEE membership web site for information.

Next EMC Chapter Meeting is 
15 November 2016









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